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    Go. See. Do
    with Skoot!

Go.See.Do…….with Skoot you always have your own, personal tour guide!


Each point of interest (POI) is geo-located on the guide map, which can be viewed offline after downloading any of our Travel Guides. This not only allows you the chance to see the exact locations of various POIs, but also helps you choose the best route to get there.


All of our Travel Guides feature interesting and relevant information about POIs shared with you through a quality audio clip; making the guides almost completely hands-free.


The guides can be used completely offline once you have completed the initial setup. They use your device’s inbuilt GPS system to play the audio POIs as you approach. This ensures you don’t miss out on anything.


With all of our Travel Guide Apps, you can take photos and share information directly with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter.